Sunday, September 2, 2007

Grateful Sunday

I am grateful for lots of new good things in my life!

1) I started a new job. It's Sales/Marketing, they pay me way too much, I work from 9ish to 3ish (with Fridays off), and I have lots of flexibility for kid responsibilities.

2) My children are in school. That means I am not all consumed, and the time I spend with them is way more fun.

3) It's LSU football season! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

4) My husband is home for an extra 1/2 day this week. Sounds silly, but the is a great bonus around here.

5) I don't feel fat, finally.


  1. Wow, you're new job sounds perfect! Isn't it nice to have a flexible job like that!

    Did you catch the LSU game last Thursday? Pretty good huh! GEAUX TIGERS!

    FAT! Are you kidding me! I don't think you could ever be fat (and the time around babies doesn't count)! It's not in your genes, look at how beautiful you're mom and grandmother are. And I promise I'm not sucking up, what would be my reason for that?

  2. Ditto to Amy. When have you ever felt fat? You shouldn't have! That's just ridiculous.

  3. Glad to hear life is going well for you dear friend.

  4. Congratulations on your job! You NEVER were fat, silly.