Monday, March 7, 2011


So, we have a teenager. Bet you didn't know that. She is on loan to us from her lovely family in Orange County, CA. We call her our exchange student from a foreign land called California. She is, however, becoming more Southern everyday. Pretty soon she'll be embracing big hair, boots and rodeos!
Sydney came to us at the beginning of the school year. She dances with the Houston Ballet, and needed a place to live because, rightly so, her mother didn't want her 17 year old in an apartment on her own. Our Bishop sent out a note to the Ward asking if anyone had a room in which she could stay throughout the school year. As much as Randi loves ballet, I couldn't turn down the opportunity without at least talking with her parents. Long story short, within 2 weeks, we had a teenager!
We couldn't be more happy she came to stay with us. Syd has become a part of the family. She is funny, smart, daring, kind, thoughtful and spontaneous. Really, how the heck did we get along without her?
As I was tucking Randi into bed one night, I told her she was my only little princess. Randi responded, "No Mommy, Sydney is my sister now. So, we have two princesses in the house." Randi was right.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Green Beans

Wow. It's been, well, years since I updated my blog. I haven't forgotten. I've just been busy with life. Now, I can truly understand what this lovely lady must have been feeling as she raised 6 children. My Maw Maw McClure gave me the best example of family I have ever known. Her husband was rough, tough and gruff. (Don't get me wrong, he was amazing. He set my standard in men very high.) She never let us babies see her upset. She would just roll with anything, smile on her face and a giggle on her lips. She let kids be kids, and she allowed us to up grow up on our own terms. She was just there to love us unconditionally and keep us safe from outside harm. (We could harm ourselves all we wanted.)
I remember that she always had something on which we could snack. Jello-juice was my favorite. I now know with 10 grandkids around, she probably just didn't have time to let it set. We thought she was a cooking genius! She always had her arms open wide for a hug. She had a paddle hanging in the hallway. It was padded. She threatened to paddle us with it, but I don't remember it ever leaving the wall. She always had an ear to lend to our childish stories.
I remember sitting on her porch swing snapping buckets of green beans and chatting with her. Who knows what I was rambling about, but I wouldn't trade that smell, that weather, that moment of complete peace, love and acceptance for anything. No, it didn't cost a thing. It wasn't glamourous or exciting. It was just simple perfection in life. I hope everyone gets to experience this. Not everyone can snap green beans in the country, but everyone can have their little peace of Heaven, if we know what is truly valuable in life. I loved her more than words can say. I am so sad she and my Paw Paw are gone. I miss them. They were my happily-ever-after story. They were my inspiration of what family could be. I hope they are together now, looking down, with pride, on what they started, still loving us, and snapping green beans together on a back porch swing.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Randi 'isms'

"Knock. Knock. It's party o'clock!"

"Let's move out the party, Sweetie Heart! That's right, Baby. That means you!"

"Mom, you cook the BEST cereal!"

"Kids need Mommies because they are much nicer than Daddies."

Don: What is this?
Randi: That is the thumb of my toes. (Parents laugh here.)
Don: So, is this the thumb of my foot?
Randi: Yep. Except your has fur on it. (Parents pee themselves laughing here.)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy. Really Happy.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. I figured out what I want to be when I grow up and started classes accordingly. I love to have babies, but I can't have anymore for both mental and physical reasons! So, I decided, with Don's encouragement, to go to school to be a L&D nurse. I started my first pre-req two weeks ago and have made an A on both of my tests. I finally feel like I am using my brain again, and I get to set the terms of use. I am so fortunate to have a husband that supports my aspirations. His paying all the bills is nice, too. A nurse is not what I thought I would be when I grew up, but my priorities have shifted and it fits the person I have become.

2. I am happy to be training for the Houston Marathon. I decided I wanted to run a marathon a few years ago, but I haven't been able to commit to the training. I am 99.9% sure I can get it done this year! I love the challenge of running a full marathon, rather than a half. I figure, why do something 'half' way. It feels good to be in control of my body. I feel strong.

3. Friends are so important to me, and lately, I feel so much love from my small group of good friends. We don't see each other every day. We don't talk every day, but I understand them and they understand me. We do what we can to support one another and understand that our families comes fussing, no drama and no whining. I love my patient friends.

4. We are healthy. My family and I all have fully functioning bodies. I have two arms and two legs and no major sicknesses. I can live my life to the fullest. I thank God just about every time I am active that everything is working properly and is simply there to use.

5. I am thankful for my fab house in a great city, my kid's attendance of wonderful schools, money to buy whatever we need, having both sets of Grandparents alive and kickin', my school being paid for in-full (so far), being married to a smart and honorable man, knowing Heavenly Father gently teaches me and forgives me, having great neighbors and babysitters and kids that are trained to go to bed before 8pm!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Summer Sneak Peak

We have had a crazy fun summer so far!

Here is a glimpse:

Computer time, of course.

Competitive Bowling. ;)

Science Experiments...burn...burn...burn...huh...huh...huh...

Kid's Museum!

Swim time.

Lots of Snowballs...yum...must try all the flavors...all 75.

No pictures of the beach trips...don't wanna ruin my camera.
No pictures of VBS...duh.
Can't wait for San Antonio this weekend!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to School?

Mom: "What do you guys think about Mommy going back to school to be a nurse?"
Cole: "That would be good. Then, you could see me every time I went to the hospital!"