Thursday, August 13, 2009

Green Beans

Wow. It's been, well, years since I updated my blog. I haven't forgotten. I've just been busy with life. Now, I can truly understand what this lovely lady must have been feeling as she raised 6 children. My Maw Maw McClure gave me the best example of family I have ever known. Her husband was rough, tough and gruff. (Don't get me wrong, he was amazing. He set my standard in men very high.) She never let us babies see her upset. She would just roll with anything, smile on her face and a giggle on her lips. She let kids be kids, and she allowed us to up grow up on our own terms. She was just there to love us unconditionally and keep us safe from outside harm. (We could harm ourselves all we wanted.)
I remember that she always had something on which we could snack. Jello-juice was my favorite. I now know with 10 grandkids around, she probably just didn't have time to let it set. We thought she was a cooking genius! She always had her arms open wide for a hug. She had a paddle hanging in the hallway. It was padded. She threatened to paddle us with it, but I don't remember it ever leaving the wall. She always had an ear to lend to our childish stories.
I remember sitting on her porch swing snapping buckets of green beans and chatting with her. Who knows what I was rambling about, but I wouldn't trade that smell, that weather, that moment of complete peace, love and acceptance for anything. No, it didn't cost a thing. It wasn't glamourous or exciting. It was just simple perfection in life. I hope everyone gets to experience this. Not everyone can snap green beans in the country, but everyone can have their little peace of Heaven, if we know what is truly valuable in life. I loved her more than words can say. I am so sad she and my Paw Paw are gone. I miss them. They were my happily-ever-after story. They were my inspiration of what family could be. I hope they are together now, looking down, with pride, on what they started, still loving us, and snapping green beans together on a back porch swing.

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  1. Hey Jodie! Wanted to send you guys a Christmas card. What is your address?