Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cole in the Carpool Line

Check out the thumb as he takes a "little rest."




Kelly's Wedding

Kelly's wedding was the reason Don and I went to Seattle over Easter holiday.
This is my favorite picture of the whole wedding book.
Lucky Mr. Ibe!

Oh, Cole!

Here is a picture of Cole's second shiner.
He fell and smacked his face in the play-land at Chick-fil-A.
Just the other day, I was thinking about how long it had been since Cole has injured himself. So much for wishful thinking.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Boy, I grumpy in that last post.
Had to erase it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


"A dancing Barbie in swimming suite with a fireman's pole."
That is how we explained this contraption to our kids. It was a gag gift from a friend who presented it to us with children in the room. Funny, well, sort of, uhhh, well...
What is the first thing our kids want to do with Barbie? Make a stage for her, of course.
We have to get this thing out of our house.

Mommy's Little Helper

A friend of mine, Lisa H., told me a story about how her wise grandmother used to keep her entertained. She said everything her Grandmother did, she was allowed to do on a smaller level. She expressed to me how much she loved immulating her beloved Grandmother and how the memories of their "working together" still make her smile.
So, I figured I would give it a try. I let Randi follow me around all day doing whatever I did. She was so good! She worked really hard at...


putting away laundry,

and washing dishes.

She was happy all day, I had fun watching her AND the chores got done! Could one ask for anything more?

New Watch

My old one broke. I took it back to Nordstroms, hoping to have it fixed. Instead of shipping it off to be fixed, they just had me pick out a brand new one! Are you kidding?!?!!?

I LOVE NORDSTROMS and my new watch!


Does his ever happy to you?
Thank goodness for washing machines!

My First Talk

I had my first "talk" in Sacrament today. My nerves had been frazzled for 3 days! I teach Relief Society, so I should be used to talking in front of people, right? This was totally different.
Now that it is over and done, I wish I could do it again. I am sure that I will be nervous again, but not in the same way.
President Neilson was so kind. I am glad he was there. Believe it or not, his being there, calmed my nerves. He has been a comfort to me for 2 years now. We don't technically know each other all that well, but I feel like he is family.
I felt like this "boy" in the picture while preparing for my talk. There was just so much to learn, so much to gather. I really had to step back and think about how to encourage and edify those to whom I was speaking. Everything just fell into place. I knew what to use and what not to use, even though there were countless ideas.
Next time, though, I will speak more from my heart. I didn't trust myself enough this time. When I finally stopped reading and starting feeling, the inspiration was effortless.

Friday, April 18, 2008


For a name that implies invisible, my new "braces" are quite visible. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer these over traditional braces, but it looks as if I have wrapped my teeth in Plastic Wrap. Fortunately, Don and I opted to have our "braces" at the same time. So, we can look ridiculous together. He just left the Dentist. He claims he looks as funny as I do. We will see.
Thank goodness for modern technology, but this better be worth it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It all came together...

We bought a house in Houston that is huge and fits our needs just about perfectly. The only drawback is the is small and beyond our fence is some light industrial company. So, we will landscape, a lot. The price was great, it's brand new, it's in a gated community, and we can car pool with some of the neighbors to ROE.
Speaking of ROE, Cole got into River Oaks Elementary with Alex. WHOO HOO!
Don took a job with BCG that will allow him to work a normal work schedule and from home if needs be. He will be getting paid less, but it SO WORTH IT!
I am not going to be working for a while. This summer will be filled with splash pools, paint, museums and trips to see family.

So it all came together today. I am tickled. Very tickled, and tired.

Monday, April 7, 2008

First Loose Tooth

We have our first loose tooth in this house. FREAKIN' ME OUT. Alex just giggles about it.
I am so happy for Alex and his milestone, but EUWWWW.
I feel like there should be a cute tradition attached to this occation. Nanna gave us this darling little box to put under his pillow...that is a start.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Current Tax System Sucks!

I really hate paying taxes to support things with which I fundamentally disagree. We paid $45,000 this year in taxes to support welfare, unemployment, and pork barrel. Even though we have 3 kids, gave over 1K to charity, have student loans, pay for childcare and use my home and car for work, we are still not allowed to take any tax deductions! Further, we have to pay an "alternative tax deduction." What the heck is that anyway!?!?!?
I think I should choose the charities I want to support. I can't stand the thought of people sitting around, having babies, not going to school, while collecting food stamps, WICK, welfare, and unemployment.
This system feels like it is set up to encourage people to NOT work hard. "Get your free money here!"
I will never vote for a Democrat, even Obama with his inspiring words, because they will raise taxes. I pay enough. I have worked hard, and I don't want to support those who haven't.
If it sounds like I am being pessimistic of our tax system. I am. I have only seen medicare and medicaid used correctly, nothing else. In every other "free money" program to which I have been exposed, I have seen abuses. I was even encouraged once to "Get WICK, why not? It's free."
It's not free!
Don't get me wrong, I think there are some people out there who are working very hard and just need a little help. Anyone earning under around $50K, I think, should not pay taxes, but, everyone else should pay the same percentage. It's only fair. As far a charity, I think people should give generously, but I don't think the Federal Government should mandate to whom we should give.
Our tax system sucks.
The End.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So, here I go again.
I didn't make it to the Houston marathon last year because I just couldn't find the time to finish training.
Now that Don isn't traveling so much and we will have two of the three kiddos in grade school next year, I am pretty sure I can find the time to train. Whoo Hoo!
12/6/08...Baton Rouge, LA...Bring it on...