Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's not perfect...

but, I love my life.
I look around at how much I have, how much love surrounds me, how much I have accomplished, how many dreams are still ahead and I am overcome with gratitude and humility.

Happy Birthday, Grammy!

We are so glad that Grammy game to visit. We had such a wonderful day together. We went to the Japanese Gardens, rode the Herman Park paddle boats, watched Madagascar II and had the kids and Grammy try Sushi for dinner. Though, Cole, Randi and Grammy will probably pass on the next sushi excursion, it was a fun experiment for all.

Can't wait to see you again!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's Go, Julianne!

Still, 2 on the 14th. Suck! I have been working out and everything. It's got to be muscles, right?!?!?!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Vote Counted!

I voted this morning with Randi's professional assistance. She pressed "Enter" after I spun the wheel and choose my candidates, and, of course, she pressed the hallowed "Cast Vote" button.

With all the buzz, I figured I would get the kids involved in the election process on the way to school:

Mom: So, for whom would you guys like to vote? You can make up your own mind. Here is some information to help you decide. John McCain is a Republican. He believes in working hard and being rewarded for your labor. He believes everyone should be responsible for their own well being.
Kids: I like him! He believes we should work hard!
Mom: Wait...let me tell you about Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a Democrat. He believes everyone should be taken care of. Everyone should have help from the Government no matter the choices they make. He believes everyone should have the right to go to the Doctor and get money, even when they are not working hard.
Kids: OHHHHH, we really like him!
Alex: I am going to vote for Barack Obama.
Mom: OK. Can you tell me why?
Alex: Because everyone can be taken care of. Everyone can have food and not get sick.
Mom: That is really nice! Mommy must be too greedy. Hummm, let's think about it this way, too. Pretend I am the Government. I tell you it is good to share your toys with those who don't have any. OK?
Kids: OK. We like to share our toys.
Mom: Great! Which way would you rather share..."I, acting as the Democratic government, says you MUST share your favorite toy." or "I, acting as the Republican government, says you SHOULD share your toys, but you may choose which toy you want to share."
Alex: I like the Republicans.
Cole: I like them to tell me which toy to share.
Randi: I like Barack Obama!

So, there you have it, a house divided. It will be interesting to see of which there are more voters, the Alex, Cole or Randi (I wanna vote because everyone is.) persuasion. Educate yourself and vote your conscience.

I love that my children are so willing to share. I believe their attitudes reflect those of most Americans. We all want to be a part of bettering our families, communities and nation. We just want to do it in different ways.

I think today, Election Day, we all should look at our similarities, rather than our differences. We are voting in a nation that allows, even encourages, everyone to be heard. We are very fortunate. Even if the election doesn't go the way we wish, we are still all Americans, and we should work together, learn from each other and respect that our evolution is a process requiring diversity and faithfulness.