Thursday, February 21, 2008


Just Married.

Christmas 2007

We had such a great Christmas. We visited El Paso this year. On the ride up we stopped at a Bed & Breakfast, but it was a let down compared to last years stay at the same place. This was no indicator, however, of the rest of the week! When we got to El Paso, Don's parents had decided to give us a week in a hotel for Christmas. WHOOO HOOO!!! Every night we left all 3 of our children and went back to the hotel to watch movies or read! I read 3 books!!! It was so great. We laughed about how old we are getting all week.

The kids had a wonderful time. I really think they have all the sets of LEGOs ever made. They hung out with Uncle James and put hundreds of pieces together.

We played with Grampa at the dragon park. That man has infinite patience.

Grammy cooked just about every night...even the night she had something to do. On top of that, she washed the dishes. Heaven, I know.

On the way back to Houston, we stopped off in San Antonio. We had a great time on the River Walk and the hotel was faboulous. Thank you, frequent traveler points.

I really didn't want to come home.

Alex is 6 years old!

Alex had a Star Wars surprise party for his birthday. Thanks to Grammy and Grampa, who took Alex to the movies while Don and I set up and his friends arrived, the surprise was a great success!

We had a great time even though we were stuck inside because of rain. Thank goodness we had a heavy duty chandelier hook for the pinyata!

Here is the birthday boy!

There were a few games...

some ligthsabers...

and lots of fun!

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nine Year Anniversary

I remember a time when the name Jodie "Haney" made me giggle because it sounded so silly. Now the name Jodie McClure makes me giggle. Being Don's wife is now just part of who I am.

101 things I love about Don

1. He is smart
2. He loves me and tells me so
3. He loves our kids
4. He is tall
5. He is confident
6. He is healthy
7. He likes to travel
8. He does the dishes
9. He loves his parents
10. He loves his brother
11. He does a great interpretation of my country family
12. He doesn't mind if I look tacky
13. He looks great in a suit
14. He puts up with my temper
15. He silly dances with us
16. He can fix things
17. He does the laundry
18. He reads poetry
19. He wants to make the world a better place
20. He doesn't mind me being Mormon
21. He drives a truck
22. He massages my shoulders
23. He carries me to bed
24. He watches American Idol with me
25. He folds laundry
26. He likes to take naps
28. His Barbecue rocks
29. He sings around the house
30. He gives me space with my friends
31. He trusts me
32. He wrestles with the boys
33. He kisses our little girl
34. He teaches our boys to box
35. He takes me on a date whenever I want
36. He doesn't ask me how much things cost
37. He is not a sissy
38. He is almost never scared
39. He is almost never nervous
40. He is strong
41. He is sociable
42. He likes to have parties
43. He brushes our hair
44. He is honest
45. He is nerdy
46. He is neat
47. He is clean
48. He doesn't like clutter
49. He says "Thank You" a lot
50. He is encouraging
51. He is a realist
52. He is a Libertarian
53. He wants to adopt
54. He comes to the kid's school parties
55. He cuddles me at night
56. He checks the air in my tires
57. He gets dirty (as boys should)
58. He is a good artist
59. He can tell a joke well
60. He makes smarty pants comments
61. He has beautiful eyes
62. He holds my hand
63. He doesn't read my blog (but sometimes helps with the spelling)
64. He tells my children to "Choose the right."
65. He does all the hard discipline for me
66. He lets me choose our homes
67. He lets me choose the kid's schools
68. He encourages pre-school so I can have a break
69. He encourages a maid so I can have a break
70. He has an opinion on our clothing choices
71. He does the grocery shopping when I am too tired
72. He is loyal
73. He is a straight shooter
74. He is really good at working with electronics
75. He says, "Just get whatever you need."
76. He goes for walks and bike rides with us
77. He likes the same kind of furniture as I do
78. He likes the Renaissance Festival
79. He copes with my need to "try something different"
80. He thinks I am funny
81. He takes the kids to the birthday parties
81. He likes to go out to eat
82. He handles the money
83. He gives long tight hugs
84. He takes care of me when I am sick
85. He always asks me if I want some of whatever he has
86. He doesn't notice if I gain or lose 10 lbs.
87. He likes sports
88. He plans ahead
89. He is generous
90. He respects women
91. He changes baby diapers
92. He knows what to do with a baby
93. He makes pretty babies
94. He always takes my side
95. He can build cool stuff
96. He is competitive
97. He pretends he doesn't see my zits
98. He can't keep a secret
99. He will buy Tampons
100. He chose to marry me
101. He chooses to stay married to me

Believe it or not, I could go on.
Love you, Hunny.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spa Date

Don and I spent yesterday evening at The Heights Spa to celebrate our 9th anniversary as a married couple. It was wonderful.

Here was our menu:
60 Minute Massages
(In the same room, lit by candles & sprinkled with rose petals)
Aromatherapy Hot Paraffin Treatment
Relaxing Neck, Shoulder & Décolleté Massage
Warm Steamed Towel Treatment
Cool Pool & Hot Tub Soak
Chocolate Covered Strawberries and
a take home gift

This place was so great about making us feel like we were on our own little island. Though they were totally booked, we only saw one other customer for about 15 seconds. Oh, so, worth every penny!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Romney is out of the Presidential race. I am so disappointed. I finally found a candidate with which I agreed on almost every topic, a candidate with experience on how to boost an economy and a man who know just how important the family is to our society.
I just hate that he is out!
McCain is not inspiring. He is just more of the same.
Obama makes me believe that our diversity is our strength, but I don't like his policy.
Clinton is just a disaster waiting to happen. I'm moving if she wins.
I wonder for whom Mitt is going vote?