Saturday, September 29, 2007

Buy a Treadmill or Not?

I have seen and heard that many people who buy treadmills never use them. On the other hand, I have seen a few people who use them everyday. I am considering buying one so I can work out in the mornings before the kids get up.
What do you guys think?


  1. A treadmill is one of our future treats! A bigger place, in a back room with the TV and we all ready to go! But then again, when anticipating living in the colder northern climates one has to consider exercise in the winter! So a treadmill is a future must have for us!

  2. Hi ya! Did you think I had disappeared on you? I'm back reading your blog trying to catch back up HAHA!

    I would suggest getting one if you have the space for it. We loved ours when we had it, and it got used frequently, although not routinely. The problem we had was that it was in a room where the kids played often so I couldn't use it when they were in there due to fears that someone might not heed the "stay away while I'm using it" warnings. Also, not only was this room a place that my kids play in a lot but due to the open floor plan of my house I couldn't hide it from guests. Not that it was a secret but I hated that they'd have to walk around it when in that room, even if I folded it up into it's "spacesaver" feature.

    I think that you could get some good use out of it and long as you're diligent about making yourself get up and use it. If I had more space for mine I never would have gotten rid of it.