Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dependable Nanny Wanted

So here is the deal...My Nanny (helper) is sick at least twice a month. Who gets sick that much? Really, she only works 2 days a week!!! Today was a hard morning because she called in sick with a rash?!!?! Cole had to miss school because I couldn't pick him up at noon, and I had to scramble to pack lunches and clothes and lovies for a different child care situation! I was so frustrated and grumpy that my kids were probably glad to get away from me for a few hours. Of course, then, I felt guilty for being so ugly to them. They had done nothing wrong.
So, if you know anyone who wants to be a Nanny a few days a week...give me a call!


  1. man, if only I was closer! why didn't we think of this before?!

  2. Hey Girl! You know I am always here!