Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain - Palin

I hope McCain can pull this off.
I worry about Palin's lack of experience. I worry about her having a new born...I can't even clean my house, much less run the free world with a new born. I worry about her being compared to Hillary Clinton. I worry she will not be able to hold her own in a debate.
There is a lot I don't know about her or why he chose her. I am anxious to learn.

Side Note: Her husband is H.O.T.

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  1. I know you know that worry will do nothing for you or for her. So, let's you and I join together in praying that God will strengthen her in spirit, soul and body and grant her wisdom beyond her years. Like Esther she could be in this place for "just such a time as this." And like the people in Esther's day who prayed for her and God answered....we the people of this country have our part to do for Sarah.

    Love you,