Monday, August 27, 2007

We are back...

We had a great time in Gulf Shores, AL, this week, thanks to Nanna and Pappa.

As with most beach trips, we enjoyed the waves and the sand. We also enjoyed the great swimming pools!

It was really nice to spend some down time with the family, no time pressure, no need to run errands and no work for Don.
I really enjoyed my kids this week. I didn't want to put them to bed at night, but alas, it was the week before school. I put them down as early as possible, for a vacation.

This kids found this under their bed as they were getting dressed one morning.
No, it isn't real, but you should have the seen the way Alex bolted across the condo (pants around his ankles) on first sight!

Last, what trip would be complete without Cole going to the ER?
3 stitches in his lip, again. He simply fell down walking to the car.
That's my boy.


  1. Poor Cole - but it sounds like a fun trip.

  2. Oh no!! Poor baby! Knock on wood, we've never had stitches, but you sound as though you're a pro at it HAHA! I'm glad that you had a great time in spite of it. As wonderful as it is there, you're right, that place is jinxed.