Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Paw Paw McClure

My Paw Paw passed on last night. I think for the first time ever, I feel sad at someone's death.
He was so tired. He died in his sleep after a good 2 days nap.
I am actually happy that he is strong again. I am glad he is with my cousin, Laurie, who died when she was very young (she was always his favorite). He was old school, one that would build a house with his own hands and was not afraid to set a child straight.
His wife and family were the most important things in his life.
He was our Patriarch.
I hated to see him weakened with age. His failing body just didn't match his strong heart. He is truly himself again. I am grateful for that.
There are so many things I need to write about him.

Don's favorite: We tried to elope, but he found out. He came and told Don, "That's my Grand-daughter. You hurt her, I'll kill ya." Really, it was a good thing. He loved me.

He grew the BEST tomatoes and strawberries EVER!
He was always jarring at his wife to get a rise out of her.
About meeting Maw Maw, "See looked so great in her volleyball shorts, I couldn't help but go over and talk to her. Really, she was lucky to have me."
He had everything in order for Maw Maw, and still does. She is well taken care of.
He loved his family unconditionally.
He stood up for us.
He worried about us.
He set boundaries for us, and punished us if we crossed them.
He was honorable in all his dealings.
He was more than generous.
He was ALWAYS playing with or teaching us something (all 64 of us).

I love you, Paw Paw, and I thank you for loving me.
I'll see you later.


  1. I'm so sorry about the passing of your grandfather. Isn't it wonderful to know that we will live for eternity and that we will be able to see these amazing people again.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. It is hard to let our family pass on!

  3. I am sorry for your loss of your grandfather. But it sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with him. It is great to know that some day you will meet again.

  4. he sounds like he was one in a million, jodie. aren't you glad for the comfort of the plan of salvation? i am especially grateful for that this week. it's been a rough one.

  5. Jodie, I am so sorry about your grandfather. I'm catching up from things that happened while I was away on vacation and just found out. He sounds like he was a truly remarkable man and it's people like that who are hard to find these days. You are so lucky to have had him for the time that you did, and to know that you will see him again.