Wednesday, August 1, 2007

September Dawn

I find this disturbing.
It is a new movie about the Mountain Meadow Massacre.
I hope this is not what people think of us.
There is an official statement under the newsroom on
Poor Mit Romney...I want to see how he handles this one.

See the following for the trailer:

Would you go and see it?
I don't think I will on principle, but I do wonder.


  1. ya, any time a religious group is portrayed, and that religious group is not consulted in the portrayal, it always ends up being skewed. tricky. lucky for us, it's rated R, so people in my house won't be seeing it. amen - good luck to Mitt - guess we should all read up on it, so we are prepared with the facts.

  2. Oh boy. Doesn't sound good to me. Like Natalie said, I need to read up about it and know what happened.

  3. It bothers me that so much attention is always given to this, when many of the facts are speculative. This happened in a very remote area, and in a time when distant communication was hard, and no one knows what actually happened. There were so many different reports. Since this movie is obviously anti-mormon, it's probably going to be making all kinds of wild accusations...disturbing.

  4. I KNEW IT!

    Just kidding. I haven't heard anything about this story. It would be interesting to hear both sides.

  5. By now you've probably seen the article that was in the Ensign... I'm catching up on your blog (o: