Monday, August 13, 2007

New School Schedule

I was out of bed this morning by 6am (normal time is 8am). The boys were up by 6:30am.
We started our new school day morning routine today. I need the practice as much as the kids. This is our first year of 7:45am school days.

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of our first practise day:

I got up.
Alex got up without my prompting.
I washed a load of laundry, dressed myself and had quiet time before the kids woke.
I wasn't grouchy.

I didn't get Randi up till 7:15am (that is our "out the door" time when school starts).
I didn't get the dishes done, toys picked up or kids dressed till after 7:15am.

The Ugly:
Even with getting up early, we were still late for our 9:30am swim lessons! AND, I forgot to bring the kids a change of dry clothes.

I hope this gets easier!!!


  1. You are totally scaring me. Zach usually wakes up around 10 am, and I usually roll out of bed around 8 - I don't have ANY IDEA how we are going to handle school. I wonder how big of a deal it is if we are late every day? ;)

  2. You're so good....I am not looking forward to Thomas in school....I'm pretty lazy somedays - but with school starting, I'll need to have more discipline!

  3. That is how my Sundays always soung - it doesn't matter how early we start we are always behind or have forgotten something!

  4. That is how my Sundays always sound - it doesn't matter how early we start we are always running behind or have forgotten something!

  5. Amelia has been setting her alarm and getting up all week - like today at 6:30 she woke me to tell me she was all done with her chores and wanted to know what else to do - I sent her back to bed to read, I do not have any desire to be up that early!

  6. You are such a great Mom. I don't know how I'm going to manage getting my boys to school. I can barely get myself dressed by 8:00 let alone out the door by then. I hope my kids don't mind me dropping them off in my pajamas.

  7. Jodie I am totally impressed that you are planning so far ahead. I am not surprised the first day was not stellar. After all, there are four of you to retrain. From the teacher's point of view, it is very bad to be late every day, it messes with her schedule, and I don't think she'll go for pajamas.