Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bayou Wildlife Park

Randi loved feeding the animals.

I am not sure a Mom ever really wants to see a Long Horn eating out of their 3 year old's hand.

These guys were particularly aggressive...Alex finally started telling them "SHEW BIRDS!"

My little jockey in training.

Alex and Cole loved this truck. Not part of the park, but entertaining none the less.

What is one to do with an empty food bucket? Wear it, of course!

Just a few more of our favorites...


  1. Fun time. Awesome pictures! Those aggresive birds kind of freak me out.

  2. We've been wanting to go there for a long time...your pictures are nice! I think we'll plan a trip soon.

  3. Oh what fun you guys must have had! We love that kind of stuff! I sure wish we had more of that kind of stuff near my house! Maybe some day...

  4. Where is this secret place? We must know!

  5. Here's all ya need to know, Jen...

  6. we went there 2 years ago for audrey's field trip. those long horns scared me, too. other memorable moments: parker eating the animal feed out of the bucket, ostriches mating from the tram. eewww.