Friday, June 15, 2007

My Search for a New Career

I have been pondering, if I were to go back to work, what would I do?
I don't want to do advertising anymore. It just seems like such a waste of everyones time. I know I don't like to watch commercials or read the ads in magazines.
SO, I figured I would go back to school and get a new specialty.

Real Estate: I don't want to work on the weekends. Don is only here on the weekends.
Law: I don't want to be stuck reading long boring law documents.
Business: How boring?
Teaching: I could teach High School English, but what is the point when I would only be paid $2 an hour?
Art: Seems silly and frivolous.
Architecture: Can't do the math.
Culinary: I don't want to be that creative all the time.
Nursing: Couldn't detatch myself from the patients.

I normaly would just pick one, do it, and see how it goes. But now, with 3 kids and their future to think about, I just hate to roll the dice with tution money.
Everyone tells me I need to be in sales. Sell what? The only thing for which I have a passion is non-profit...again, $2 an hour.
It must not be time for me to go back to work.
Guess I will take some Leisure classes.

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  1. i say go teaching. you would be great at it, and it doesn't take that long to get your creditation, does it? you could try substituting, but that means kind of last minute child care, . . . hmmm. i don't know. :)