Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some of My Firsts

First Concert: Kenny G. Don't laugh, it was good date.

First Car: Nissan, Maxima. It was tan, and I thought it was cool cuz it talked, "Your door is ajar."

First Heart Break: Todd Sumrall. I found out he was cheating with a chick he worked with, Meredith. This wasn't the last time either. There was also Heather, Ami, and Jennifer to name a few.

First Time Wearing Makeup: I can't remember not wearing it, seriously. I think I was born with it.

First Best Friend: Richelle Sims, I think.

First Car Accident: I ran over a curb trying to make a quick left hand turn. I tore out the transmission.

First Job: Sales Person in the Mall...that fits.

First College Roommate: Tammy Franz, Big Sister in my Sorority. She was my only roommate...I liked living alone.

First Date: Todd Sumrall. I couldn't see. Crazy, huh? The night before, my contacts had cut my eyes. My Mom had to do my hair and put on my makeup.

First Kiss with Spouse: On his couch. I sat on his lap, and laid one on him. I was sick of waiting on him. Of course, Don said something completely inappropriate, and I thought, "Who the heck does this guy think he is?"

First Broken Bone: My right forearm...I fractured it tumbling at Cheerleading Camp. I suck at tumbling. I haven't done it since.

First Airplane Ride Alone: From BTR to LAX. I was looking at going to UCLA Long Beach and living with a friend. I was not ready for LA. I came home a few weeks later.

First Pet: A dog that looked like Lassie. I don't remember its' name, but I do remember I was very upset when it died.

First Memorable Gift: A pair of green and white Pom Poms. The big ones, not those junky things they sell at Target. Mom put them on my bed for a surprise when I got home from school. I couldn't have been more excited.

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