Sunday, June 3, 2007

Grateful Sunday

I am thankful for Natalie and Leslie who so graciously allowed me into their circle of friendship.
These ladies are best friends and it shows. Let me tell you why I think they are so great.
They are gracious and kind, considerate and real, and best of all they genuinely care about those around them.
You guys have taught me so much by simply being yourselves. I love your confidence and assurance of who you are. It makes it OK for the rest of us to be who we are.
Thank you again for your friendship. Thanks for reaching out to me. I will miss you guys when you move on with your "real" lives.
Watch out Leslie, it is too late for me to steal Natalie's car keys, but I might still be able to find a way to make you stay!


  1. Jodie, you are too sweet - such a beautifully worded entry and so gracious in your compliments. Love you, girl!