Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Don't go in the street!

I was unloading everyone at the Children's Museum today, and when I looked up Cole was gone! I yelled for him several answer. I asked Alex were he went. No luck.
I left Alex, Mr. Oober Responsible, with Randi and ran down the parking lot towards the door of the museum shouting, "COLE!"
To my horror, Cole was standing in the middle of the street with cars honking at him.
When he finally heard my call, he ran back. I was so relieved he wasn't hurt that I just kept saying, "Don't go into the street without Mommy! You could have died!" (Way to keep it cool, huh, Mom?)
When we got back to Alex and Randi, Alex gave Cole a big hug and said, "I love you, Cole. Don't go into the street."
Cole's only comment, "I will not go into the street because I don't want to get squashed like a pancake."

This ranks in the top three scariest moments of my life. I just knew I was going to witness my 3-year-old son get hit by a car. Thank God, I didn't.


  1. That was traumatic! I have a few stories like that one myself...

  2. Those little stinkers are fast, aren't they! I too have had my share of scares like that. I am glad that he's alright.

  3. Glad all turned out well. How's your heart holding up mom?

  4. Those are the worst moments. I'm glad everything was okay and the sweet love our children show to each other (respectively) melts my heart. I'm so grateful for children who love one another. I also love that museum, we need to get up there again soon!

  5. Scary!!! Toddlers are fast, I'm learning. So glad the Lord was watching out for you. You must be doing something right!