Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Coloring

Cole was playing on the computer. He asked me for help, so I made my way over to fix whatever had gone wrong. The problem was that he couldn't find another picture to color. He had colored all over the computer screen. I asked, "Why did you color on Mommy's computer?" He responded, "It was a coloring page. I was just coloring."
So it was, Cole Baby, so it was.
How could I be mad?
I love that little trouble maker.


  1. I was taken aback at first glance of Cole's picture - he definitely has your eyes and cheeks I think. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  2. What a sweet kid - how could anyone get mad at someone with that cute face!

  3. Sometimes the reason I don't get so mad at my boys when they get into trouble is that they are too cute! It helps them survive, huh!