Friday, January 30, 2009

I want to accomplish something.

So, this is my attempt. I have been sick, my kids have been sick and I am stircrazy. This my lame accomplishment today.

5 things I love:

There are 17 designs and colors for these pretty little flower earrings at

I have oily hair. This "dry" shampoo has solved all my greasy hair blues. I only have to wash my hair, with water, every other day now.

Victoria Secret's fishnet thigh highs are the best ever! I have tried many different kinds, but these win the most durable and best fit award. There is no hopping down the road pulling up your hose with these babies. Everything Connie does is beautiful and underpriced!

I just love pretty smelling soap of any kind really.


  1. I do love the earrings. Those are all fun things, I am sorry you aren't feeling well and that you have a slacker friend like me, "hey, let me order you a pizza!"

    I hope you are better soon. I will be checking on you.

  2. Va va voom! Love the thigh highs! Those are always lots of fun!