Friday, October 19, 2007

Alex's Kindergarden Picture

Not too thrilled with the photo. He is way cuter than this. They have a guarentee, but do I really want to make the time to bring him to the studio to have it re-done...hummm...probably not.


  1. That is totally A W E S O M E! I know this isn't a good idea from a parent stand point, but if he could make this a theme for each years school picture, he could make money off of it. You know, junior year of highschool, make the same face . . . priceless

  2. :) he looks great. oh, and don't worry, if they're a racket up there like they are down here, they'll take more pictures in the "spring."

  3. I think it is just part of school pictures to not be the best.