Friday, March 7, 2008

How to get "unstuck"

They are redoing our street. To get out of our driveway, we require a very strong chain, a very big machine, and a very good digger driver.


  1. That will be nice, when it is done.

    How was the week of interviews?

  2. It is still going, but he does have 2 soft offers. He has one more interview today and another call back for a new company. Hopefully, we will know for sure about all these in less than a month!!! Yea!!!

  3. How many people can say they need a digger to get out of their own driveway?! AWESOME PIC!!!

  4. That is very cool! My boys (including my husband HAHA) would LOVE that!

    Also, I noticed that Don's in the interview process; I hope all goes well and you guys get exactly what you want!